Factory sale high quality auto part 4605B070 D1679 break pads for Changan CS35 MAZDA 3 MITSUBISHI PEUGEOT Brake Pad

About product: Ceramic and semi-metallic formula friction material, anti-noise shim, more than 5mm backplate thickness. Feature: No noise, no dust, durable, high temperature resistance. Service: After received your inquiry will be reply soonest, we are very cherish every deal with client, and sincerely look forward to the long-term cooperation for business booming together. So after-sale and quality will be best. If noise happened or broken when you received goods, replacement can be sent. We are able to product custom design which is in accordance with your requirement. Please feel free to contact us. Call me: 86-13205341650

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Factory sale high quality auto part 4605B070 D1679 break pads for Changan CS35 MAZDA 3 MITSUBISHI PEUGEOT Brake Pad OE NUMBERS see below: CITROEN : 1609899680 CITROEN : 1619790780 CITROEN : 1620368680 CITROEN : 1635677180 eicher : 101545919 MAZDA : GHY92648Z MAZDA : GHY92648ZA MAZDA : GHY92648ZB MAZDA : GHY92648ZC MITSUBISHI : 4605A802 MITSUBISHI : 4605A998 MITSUBISHI : 4605B070 MITSUBISHI : 4605B071 MITSUBISHI : 4605B384 MITSUBISHI : 4605B805 MITSUBISHI : 4605B806 MITSUBISHI : 4605B807 MITSUBISHI : 4605B808 MITSUBISHI : 4605B914 MITSUBISHI : 4605B915 MITSUBISHI : 4605B916 PEUGEOT : 1609899680 PEUGEOT : 1635677180 Ceramic brake pads and Semi-Metallic brake pads all are available, let`s see different between ceramic and semi-metallic. Ceramic Brake Pads By way of contrast, ceramic brake pads are usually your most expensive option for replacement pads. Made from ceramic materials mixed with copper fibers, ceramic pads were designed for driver comfort. They are the least noisy, produce very little messy brake dust, and are stable over a wide range of temperatures. And they last the longest. Ceramic pads also provide a firmer brake pedal than organic pads. They do not perform quite as well as other pads in extreme cold and are not well-suited to performance use. But ceramic brake pads are quiet, comfortable, and durable pads, excellent for daily driving. Semi-Metallic Brake Pads Where ceramics excel in the comfort zone, semi-metallics are made for performance. They are made with a high percentage of steel, iron, copper, and other metals that increase their stopping power. Semi-metallic brake pads are also more durable and heat-resistant than other pads and work over the widest range of temperatures of all three compared here. They do not last as long as ceramics, but they last longer than organic pads. Unfortunately, they produce quite a bit of brake dust and are far more aggressive on other brake system components, especially your brake rotors. They are also noisier, tending to squeal more than other pads. Still, semi-metallics are good all-around brake pads, especially if you need to haul a heavy load, pull a heavy trailer, slam on your brakes a lot, or race around a track.

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